Sunday, October 22, 2006

Chance of Anything household tip: Keep bathroom mirrors from fog free

Tip: Keep your bathroom mirrors from fogging.

Does your morning shower fog your bathroom mirrors? Tired of waiting for them to clear before you can finish getting ready in the morning?

Well we have the solution for you. It's quick & easy to do. First, make sure the mirror is clean, you can use any type or brand of glass cleaner. Second, take a bottle of Rain-X Anti-Fog(can be purchased at any local auto parts store), a clean paper towel, pour some Rain-X Anti-Fog to the paper towel & apply it liberally to the mirror. You may want to apply 2 coats, let it dry & your ready to go. Depending on your shower use it should last 1-2 weeks before another application is needed.


At 11:02 PM, Anonymous Mystery Maiden said...

Hey I was just passing through via BE and thought I would comment. Cool site! Many great and useful tips!



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